The long-awaited best form of the issue work. A catastrophe drawing nearer an blameless young lady. The delicate man all of a sudden changed all of a sudden, and the girl's little and delicate blameless body was beaten. The young lady mutilates her confront and stands up to the delight that never stops, but steadily her body starts to liquefy into an obscure delight. The juvenile body in the long run started tolerating hot meat sticks in a tireless caress of mortification. Lean breasts, delicate cheeks, little buttocks, undeveloped pubis. All of it is connected to the mutilated adult's harm teeth and melts.問題作、待望のベスト版。まだあどけない少女に迫る悲劇。優しかったおじさんが突如豹変、少女の小ぶりで柔らかなあどけない身体が貪られる…。止まらない快楽責めに少女は顔をゆがめて抵抗するが、次第に未知の快感に身体がとろけはじめ…。凌辱交じりの執拗な愛撫に、未熟な身体はやがて熱い肉棒を受け入れ始めた…。薄い胸、柔らかな頬、小さな尻、未発達の恥丘。その全てが歪んだ大人の毒牙にかかり、溶けてゆく…。