Ryu Enami and Honoka Orihara are shyly played by a highly educated man who came to an interview with a company that develops underwear. While abusing, when they ejaculate with a blowjob and handjob, they drive out like a needless circle. Next is Ryu Enami, who says, “I have a new product, can you see it?” Spreads her crotch in front of her men and touches her transparent underwear. Honoka Orihara, who came in saying Don't run away, showed off even more bold underwear. Two people masturbate and compete for each other's charm. And when new underwear can be made, 3 girls get along and play slut with 3P creampie sex. Only good looking jobs are being recruited! ?   下着の開発をする会社に面接に来た高学歴な男に江波りゅうと折原ほのかが高圧的な態度で「うちの商品を身につけて」と羞恥プレイ。罵りながら、フェラと手コキで射精させると丸で用なしのように追い出す2人。お次は、「新しい商品ができたんだけど見てくれない?」と部下の前で股を広げ、スケスケの下着を触らせる江波りゅう。そこに「抜け駆けはダメ」と入って来た折原ほのかも、さらに大胆な下着を披露。2人でオナニーをし、お互いの魅力を競い合う。そしてまた新作の下着ができると3人仲良く3Pの中出しセックスで痴女プレイ。イケメンのみ求人中!?