Living along side Yoshio, a father-in-law who is distracted. Yoshio rehashes the appearance of his expired spouse on Miharu, and the activity continuously raises ... One day, the occurrence happened. Miharu's eyes bounced into the eyes of Miharu who came domestic from shopping. Yoshio squeezed for physical connections in Miharu who may not stow away the perplex.物忘れの激しい義父・芳雄との同居生活。芳雄は亡くなった妻の面影を美春に重ね、次第にその行為はエスカレートしてゆくばかり…。そんなある日、事件は起こった。買い物から帰宅した美春の目に飛び込んできたのは、美春の下着で自慰に耽る芳雄の姿…。戸惑いを隠せない美春に芳雄は肉体関係を迫るのだった。