to unusually brother that there is sexual desire instruction I do not want to go outside absolute obedience to her sister. Or made to go the AV to rent, request of his brother that does not satisfy day-to-day ... But it is the upshot will be used in sexual desire treatment in Handjob and Blow is going to become more and more radical, the instruction to the sister and want another woman and spear then ... My sister called the colleagues of the company, give him a drink containing the street sleeping pills that were directed to his brother sleep on a forced drunken state. There appeared brother rolled committed to love unlimited the passivity of women!外に出たくないけど人一倍性欲がある弟の命令に絶対服従する姉。AVをレンタルしに行かされたり、挙げ句の果てには手コキやフェラで性欲処理に使われる日々…だけどそれに満足しない弟の要求はどんどん過激になっていき、他の女とヤリたいと姉に命令すると…姉は会社の同僚たちを呼び、弟に指示された通り睡眠薬を入れた飲み物を飲ませて強制泥酔状態で眠らせる。そこに弟が現れて無抵抗の女性たちを好き放題に犯しまくり!