As it were my childhood companion, Jessica, was kind to me and was tender with me who was not great at talking. Jessica is losing out to Hiro-kun's difficult thrust within the same circle. Subtly kissing or having sex within the same room without knowing my sentiments ... I listened that they were getting hitched, and I couldn't stand indeed on the off chance that I was there. I attacked the veranda and looked into their sex and cummed out to create a child. On the off chance that I was bold and confessed, I was vaginal cum shot ...幼馴染ジェシカだけは不細工でおしゃべりも苦手なボクに優しく接してくれた。ジェシカは同じサークルのひろ君の猛プッシュに根負けして付き合ってしまう。ボクの気持ちなど知る由もなく同じ部屋でこっそりキスしたりセックスしたり…。二人が結婚すると聞き、居ても立っても居られない僕はベランダに侵入し二人のセックスを覗いたら子作りの為に中出ししまくってた。勇気を出して告白してれば中出ししてたのはボクだったのに…。