I was Lehman who begun "virtual cash" final year with the proposal of his boss. My spouse, Kanna, was stressed by saying, “Do n’t get as well involved,” but ... One day, the BTC slammed me and I was constrained into a seized loss-cut zone, and my boss, Nakata, overseen to spare me with his bounty. Mr. Nakata, who was thankful for our couple who communicated their appreciation and brought down their heads, has pointed out “exchange conditions” that are difficult to believe…!やり手な上司のススメで去年辺りから「仮想通貨」を始めたリーマンの俺。妻のカンナは「あまりのめり込まないでね」と言って心配してくれてはいたのだが…。そんなある日BTCの暴落で全額没収ロスカットの窮地に追い込まれた俺を、上司の中田部長がご自慢の資金力で何とか救ってくれる事になって…。感謝の意を伝え頭を下げる俺たち夫婦に対して、脂ぎった中田部長は、にわかには信じ難いような「交換条件」を突きつけてきて…!