Metropolitan Green ● Takaoka 2nd year, 3rd course Parents' Affiliation, a customary social gathering. As fathers and moms, everybody is accumulated together from active families, and it appears that they are talking about budget courses of action and allotments for course occasions in a genuine way. When I wrapped up talking approximately the motivation, it was like a relative, but it was like a dinner between guardians. As a rule a genuine excellence gatekeeper mother may be a dishonorable act of the same lesson of dads.市立緑●丘小2年3組保護者会役員の皆様が集まっての、定例親睦会…。父親として母親として、皆一様に、各家庭からお忙しい中お集りいただき、クラスの催事の予算組みやら割り振りやらを、キマジメに議論している様子なのだが…。一通りの議題を話し終えると、何やら親睦の意味でと言って、保護者様同士でワイワイと宴会のような様子になってきて…。普段はマジメな美人保護者ママさんを、同じクラスのパパ達が破廉恥な行為で…。