I and Momoko'm Oshidorifufu of 20 years married. One day, will Uchida and the woman of the story of the men, married woman are unhappy with husband had boasted that it is simple. Furthermore director also had blurted out angry because mon say Please be careful. "Do not try tedious inner wife." Next Friday, was supposed to lead to Uchida at home. You can not have a such a thing only in my house of his wife. On that day, but his wife and Uchida about two hours lie and urgent business was able to divert two people believe so ....私と桃子は結婚して20年目のおしどり夫婦だ。ある日、部下の内田と女の話になり、旦那に不満がある人妻は簡単だと豪語していた。更に部長も気をつけて下さいと言うもんだから腹が立って口走ってしまった。「ウチの妻を口説いてみないか。」来週の金曜日、自宅に内田を招くことになった。ウチの妻に限ってそんなことあるはずがない。そう信じてその日、急用が出来たと嘘をつき2時間ほど妻と内田を二人きりにしたのだが…。