A beautiful cabin attendant Akashi who cheats with a light feeling with a man who met with a bar due to a mistake with her husband. I was forcibly blindfolded when I went to the hotel and I was restrained by handcuffs. Obviously I realize that there is another man but time is already late ... I will be treated like a massacre with the whole body. An intelligent married woman is wearing a collar and crawling on the floor while inserting a vibe and the reason is collapsed. Many men switch over in a closed room where help does not come and change the bodies of young women whilst going for carnation.夫とのすれ違いもありバーで出会った男と軽い気持ちで浮気をする美人キャビンアテンダント明歩。ホテルへ行くと強引に目隠しをされ手錠で拘束されてしまう。明らかに他に男がいることに気づくが時すでに遅く…全身を揉みくちゃにされモノ扱いされてゆく。知的な人妻は首輪をつけられバイブを挿入したまま床を這いまわされ理性は崩壊。助けの来ない密室で何人もの男たちが立ち替わり肉欲の赴くまま若妻のカラダを犯し尽くす。