Mi Oh who had been modeling in Tokyo will return home for a while. It is parents who are pleased with the resumption for the while, but it seems that my brother Jun only has no attitude, whatever the reason is not going to school and being withdrawn at home. Then, if you go to school, you'd like to tease himself, "I will massage your breasts ...", but it will awaken the younger brother 's sleeping sexual desire and will be caught violently in massacre and be caught in sexy SEX. From that day onwards, you will be chased by the absolute younger brother all the time ....東京でモデルをしていたみおは久々に実家に帰省する。しばらくぶりの再開に喜ぶ両親だが、弟のジュンだけはつれない態度で、何でも学校にも行かず家に引きこもっているらしい。それならと、「学校に行くならおっぱい揉ませてあげる…」とからかうのだが、それが弟の眠っていた性欲を覚醒させてしまい、爆乳を荒々しく揉まれ稚拙なSEXで中出しされてしまう。その日を境に、絶倫弟に四六時中追い回されることになり…。