First drama work of Fitch exclusive · Rika Hana! Rina who is underwear model in Tokyo had returned to his parents home to celebrate his brother 's birthday. The parents who are happy with Rina 's homecoming opposed to each other were young brother' s younger brother was a dark personality who was working in the game without picking up. A little word with a half joked, "I can touch you in a while ..." showing my underwear with a drunken momentum by a younger brother who is not interested in girls has awakened my younger brother's sleeping sexual desire. From that day onwards, you will be annoyed with mating from the absolute younger brother all the time!Fitch専属・音海里奈の初ドラマ作品!都内で下着モデルをしている里奈は弟の誕生日を祝うために実家へ帰省していた。里奈の帰省に喜ぶ両親とは正反対に弟のゆずるは出迎えもせずゲームに勤しんでいる根暗な性格だった。女の子に興味ない弟に酔った勢いで下着姿を見せ「少しなら触っていいよ…。」と冗談半分で放った一言が弟の眠っていた性欲を覚醒させてしまい…。その日を境に絶倫弟から四六時中交尾をねだられる!