Hikari-chan, a new office lady, will do her job seriously at the company that was finally hired. The poisonous fangs of sexual harassment employees approach such Hikari-chan! A sexual harassment employee who squeezed Hikaru-chan's body when he loosened the stiffness, and when he noticed, he played with Hikaru-chan's cute nipple with a crunchy, and after all, it was inside! If the president notices such an affair and doesn't want to get fired, listen to anything! Put pressure on Hikaru-chan! A carnal frenzy begins now, involving other male employees! !! 新米OLのひかりちゃん、やっと採用された会社で真面目に業務をこなします。そんなひかりちゃんにセクハラ社員の毒牙が迫る!コリをほぐしてあげるとひかるちゃんのカラダをまさぐりだしたセクハラ社員、気が付けばひかるちゃんの可愛らしい乳首をコリコリと弄び、挙句の果てにドビュっと中だし!そんな情事に気づいた社長はクビになりたくなければ何でも言うことを聞け!とひかるちゃんに圧力をかける!他の男性社員を巻き込んで肉欲の狂宴が今、始まる!!