Next week, my fiancé's sister, Nana, suddenly came to me for the wedding. that? I'm sure I'm going on a family trip, but what is it? When I listened to the story, he said that he fell in love with me and wanted him to have a relationship. No, isn't it really bad? Nana urges me, You're not a family yet, right? Hmmm, it's a shame for a man to not eat a set meal, so she decided to have Nana-san while she was a little shy. Even so, Nana-san, who has an outstanding style, suddenly fell in love with her bewitching charm when things started, and in the end, I put out three shots while changing her situation! Well, maybe I'll switch to Nana from now on. .. .. 来週、挙式をひかえるオレの所に婚約者の姉・奈々さんが突然やってきた。あれ?確か家族旅行に行っているはずなのに、なんだろう?と思い、話を聞いてみると、なんと、オレのことが好きになってしまい、関係を持ってもらいたい、とのこと。いやいや、さすがにマズイでしょ?と言うオレに対して、「まだ家族じゃないでしょ?」と迫ってくる奈々さん。うむむ、据え膳食わぬは男の恥、ということで、若干、尻込みしながらも奈々さんをいただくことに。それにしてもスタイル抜群の奈々さん、コトが始まるとアッと言う間に奈々さんの妖艶な魅力にヤラレちゃったオレ、結局、シチュエーションを変えながら3発も中に出しちゃいました!うーん、今から奈々さんに乗り換えちゃおうかな。。。