My wife was a gas company in the city and I worked as a "gas meter" .. You know, I think that you will occasionally see it in your city, but during the day, around the door, checking the gas meter something, it is the lady of work clothes. When I heard from my wife the other day that there is a non-paying home in the charge area, depending on circumstances we ask you to visit your house and ask about it. As a husband I thought that it was such a thing, I remembered a bit of a fuss .. ウチの妻は市内のガス会社で「ガス検針員」として働いていまして.。ほら、皆さんの街でもたまに見ると思うのですが、日中に、各戸を回りながら、ガスのメーターなんかをチェックして廻る、あの、作業服のご婦人方です。先日その妻から、担当エリアで料金未納のお宅があると、場合によってはお宅へと訪問してお願いする事もある、なんて事を聞きまして。夫の私としては、そんなもんかなと思いつつも、若干胸騒ぎを覚えたのです.。