Once upon a time too exist a parcel to the young lady who is additionally a run absent from domestic a minor reason the world presently, that most of the young ladies have sent a day-to-day living from hand to mouth, keep up with the simple to the welcome from the man who does not know that . Hikaru-chan in one of such the runaway young lady, words are skillfully welcomed to the ancient man that I met by chance after you are persevering the forlornness and starvation within the city, with no put to go young lady was gathered to live together within the house of uncle ....昔も今も些細な理由で家出をしてる少女が世の中にはたくさん存在していて、そのほとんどの少女たちはその日暮らしの日々を送っていて、知らない男からの誘いにも簡単についていくという。ひかるちゃんもそんな家出少女のひとりで、街で空腹と孤独を耐え忍んでる時に偶然会ったおっさんに言葉巧みに誘われ、行き場のない少女はおっさんの家で一緒に暮らす事になった…。