At long last, the incredible sensation blessed messenger ... Nina Nishimura is here for the primary time! Thank you exceptionally much for holding up all over the nation! This effective Palf body is presently at its crest! It ’s time to eat! Charmed physical magnificence given from paradise! Idealize suggestive strategies that can't be complained are inescapable! Shake the ultra-sensitive J Glass bomb drain with boundless shake! AV Lobby of Notoriety affirmed! !ついにあの伝説の肉感天使…西村ニーナちゃんが初降臨!全国の皆様、大変お待たせしました!このド迫力のパワルフボディは今が最高潮!まさに旬の食べごろ!天から授かりし魅惑の肉体美!文句のつけようのない完璧なエロ技は、暴発必至!超敏感なJカップの爆弾乳をブルブル揺らし無制限にイキまくる!AV殿堂入り確定!!