Kurokawa violet Director: Toyota Toyazawa Series: Female boss who always longed for a business hotel on a business trip destination No way Nobile's room room accommodation Manufacturer: Madonna Label: Madonna Category: Mature women, occupations various, married woman, big buttocks, pantyhose, simple piece, digimo, sample videos Product code: juy642 I was ordered my business trip with Kurokawa-senpai, I was throbbing inside. Although he was a married woman, she was also beautiful and able to work, I was longing for Kurokawa-senpai who is Madonna in the company since I joined the company. Without having to pull the legs of my seniors, I was relieved to succeed in negotiations successfully, but in the absence of a mistake, due to arrangement mistakes, we had to stay with us alone in one vacant room. My seniors say they do not mind, but I wonder if I can suppress my desire for the evolution 黒川すみれ 監督: 豆沢豆太郎 シリーズ: 出張先のビジネスホテルでずっと憧れていた女上司とまさかまさかの相部屋宿泊 メーカー: マドンナ レーベル: Madonna ジャンル: 熟女,職業色々,人妻,巨尻,パンスト,単体作品,デジモ,サンプル動画 品番: juy642 黒川先輩と二人で出張を命令された僕は、内心ドキドキしていた。人妻なのに綺麗で仕事も出来て、社内のマドンナ的存在である黒川先輩に僕は入社してからずっと憧れていたのだ。先輩の足を引っ張らずに無事商談を成功させて安心したのも束の間、手配ミスで空き部屋ひとつに僕たちは二人きりで泊まる事になってしまった。先輩は気にしないと言ってくれているけど、まさかの展開に僕は欲望を抑えることが出来るのだろうか