The 4th bullet hit series is taken! ! With nude photo shooting, close contact with a man who was meeting for the first time in underwear .... While talking to my husband saying "I have not heard such a thing ...", every time a man's hand touches the chest, buttocks, and the neighborhood of Ma Ko, the pikpiku body reacts and somehow survives, but in fact it is Nuren. After that, when taking off to the pants and the bra and becoming unimpaired, the young man of the model is Ji ○ cobinbin, his wife is already having limit of patience! While my husband is not watching it, it will be Kedamono and it will suck with jubojubo on other stick.大ヒット寝取られシリーズ第4弾!!ヌードフォト撮影で、初対面の男と下着姿で密着…。「こんなの聞いてないよぉ…」と夫に話しながらも、男の手が胸、お尻、マ○コ付近に触れる度、ピクピク体が反応し、なんとか耐えているけど実はヌレヌレで…。その後、パンツとブラまで脱いで一糸まとわぬ姿になると、モデルの若い男はチ○コビンビン、奥さんはもう我慢の限界!旦那が見ていないうちにケダモノと化し他人棒にジュボジュボとしゃぶりつく…。