Husband and wife who applied for AV for various reasons. It is a plan to deliver that married woman to the former of a general male (AV maker who did a pretense), to squash and seduce desire. This time I appeared Aiko (29). Marriage history 7 years. It is said that sexless status is presently many passing by husband. I have been feeling unsatisfactory with my husband since long ago and "I want to be violently attacked on this occasion! I want to do an absolute sex that I can not taste normally!" And shine my eyes and my frustration is pretty high! I will make a lot of fun until my wife is satisfied with it! ! Aiko's perfect appearance and a marvelous body. It is a must-see for a beautiful wife's wandering disarranged plum blossoming like a prisoner of the world! !様々な理由でAVに応募してきた人妻たち。その人妻たちを一般男性(のフリをしたAV男優)の元へお届けし、イカせまくって欲求解消して頂こうという企画。今回出演してくれたのはアイコさん(29)。結婚歴7年。旦那とはすれ違いが多く現在SEXレスの状態だという。以前から旦那とのいたってノーマルなSEXに物足りなさを感じていて「この機会に、激しく攻められたい!普段味わえないアブノーマルなSEXがしたい!」と目を輝かせ欲求不満度かなりお高め!奥さんが満足にイキきれるまでイカせまくります!!アイコさんのパーフェクトな美貌と妖艶な身体。世の男を虜にするような美人妻の乱れっぷりとイキ悶える姿は必見です!!