Red Hot Fetish Collection Vol. 4 is a preeminent style M actress, train Shuzo Takahashi thoroughly shave! A shaving fetish work that shaves the hair called hair inside her body from a beautiful leg to a pulp and ear lobe. Of course it is not just shaving. Gaga, blindfolded, handcuffed double-hole vibe sex tricks, deep throat, full of sights. Asuka who shaves his ass in the bathroom of the hotel where the sea is visible. Sighs leaking through the mouth with gag are too erotic. Insert a vib into the anal of Asuka that protrudes the ass that became slippery on the sink. I showed up in the anus to go in and out of the anus, upsetting "Ah ~", asuka flowing drunk from gagged mouth is displayed in another window. It's nice. Great sosolarel. There is also a scene. Next is shaving the pussy and shaving her shaved style with both hands and both legs bound. And Tuluman electric vibrator training. Shaving repeatedly and repeatedly blindfolded at the faint of the empty state, shaving, deep muscular blowjob, and gachinko fuck.レッドホットフェティッシュコレクション第4弾はスタイル抜群M女優、高橋あすかを徹底剃毛調教!綺麗な脚からプルプル耳たぶ辺りまで彼女の体中の毛という毛を剃りまくるという剃りフェチ作品。もちろん剃るだけではありません。猿轡、目隠し、そして手錠をされての双穴バイブ調教、イラマチオ、、ガチハメと見所満載。海の見えるホテルのお風呂場でお尻の毛を剃られるあすか。猿轡をつけた口から漏れる吐息がエロ過ぎ。洗面台の上でツルツルになったお尻を突き出すあすかのアナルにバイブを挿入。肛門にズボズボ出入りする様子をアップで写し、「あ〜ん」と悶え、猿轡された口から涎をダラダラ流すあすかを別ウィンドーで表示。コレいい。凄いソソラレル。シーンもあり。次は両手と両足を縛らた格好でオマンコの毛を剃りパイパン作り。そしてツルマン電動バイブ調教。大絶叫で何度もイキまくり放心状態のあすかに目隠しをして顔剃り、イラマチオフェラ、そしてガチンコファック