Alone the preparatory students in the classroom and make them glazed! Drink a liquid glaze, direct the ma ○ co, apply plenty of sensitive cream and burn the body to the climax, and indulge in the brain! It becomes white eyes, blows bubbles from the mouth and repeats shrimp curving climax while convulsing the whole body! Instructors also have a surprising amount of tide! tide! tide!予備校生を教室に一人にして媚薬漬けにする!液体媚薬を飲ませ、マ○コを直接、敏感クリームをたっぷり塗ってカラダを最高潮まで火照らせ、脳内凌辱する!白目になり、口から泡を吹き、全身を痙攣させながらエビ反り絶頂を繰り返す!講師も驚く程の大量の潮!潮!潮!