AVS Because my wife was hospitalized, my mother in bride came from Kyoto, my parents house, to look after my house! ! Husband is unexpectedly misled by the incenseness of mother-in-law in life together with her mother-in-law of beautiful girl who is young, looks young this year, not 53 years old! ! The distance between two people who gradually narrows .... A bodied relationship with a bride begins! !妻が入院してしまった為、我が家の世話をしに、嫁の母が実家の京都からやってきてくれた!!今年で五十三歳とは思えない、見た目も若い、はんなり京美人の義母と二人きりの生活に、旦那は思わず義母の色香に惑わされてしまう!!徐々に狭まる二人の距離…。嫁には内緒の肉体関係がはじまる!!