In order to repay the debt of the husband who failed in investment, we sold all its assets and was brought in the apartment in the Tatami halves. "If you use your wife's body, we will set the debt interest rate to zero." The former business partner took a close eye on the beautiful body of his wife Rin and began to put guests in the apartment every day. A customer who buys SEX with his wife who gives out a pussy in a very narrow space. And, a husband watching the situation that you can not do anything and get taken down. Today we will also accept soup from inside with strange close range 投資に失敗した旦那の借金返済のため、資産を全て投げ売り、四畳半のアパートに入居させられた。「奥さんの身体を使えば借金の金利0にしてあげますよ」元ビジネスパートナーは、妻・凛の美しい身体に目をつけ、連日アパートに客を入れ始めた。極狭空間で、マンコを差し出す妻と金で買いSEXする客。そして、何もできず寝取られる様子を見守る旦那。異様な至近距離で、今日も中出し精子を受け入れてゆく…。