As a result of marriage Mari resigned from work and was living a happy married life as a housewife. However, one complaint to Mari, it is living together with a vulgar father-in-law. I do not want to be alone with my father in a day when my husband does not exist, and will return to work, but after returning home from work, I am tired and sleepy at home. My father, who found unprotected Mary, played a young body for the fact that he had no son, and committed Mari. From that day on, the father - in - law only committed Mari once they were alone.結婚を機に麻里は仕事を辞め主婦として幸せな結婚生活をおくっていた。ただ麻里には1つ不満が、それは下品な義父との同居。夫の居ない日中に義父と2人きりになるのが嫌で仕方なく職場に復帰するが、職場からの帰宅後に義父しかいない自宅で疲れて眠ってしまう。無防備な麻里を見つけた義父は息子が居ない事をいい事に若い体を弄び、麻里を犯すのだった。その日から義父は2人きりになると麻里を必ず犯すのだった…。